Diade, name of art of italian singer Giovanni Carradori, lives in Pesaro, Italy.
After the first experiences with a rock band in the eighties, wich with he performs on stage classic 70’s rock, singing and playing bass, he starts various collaborations as lead vocal with different local bands, ranging between genres such as pop, jazz-rock and fusion.
In those years he also faces piano bar with a friend keyboard player and takes piano lessons.
In the middle of the nineties he takes part in two important competitions for new voices: he tooks the second place in one of these and ranks the overall winner in the other, singing “Honesty” by Billy Joel.
Already at the age of 10 and 11, he entered the recording studio of a label in Bologna for two consecutive LP with a children’s choir, in both cases as lead vocalist.
He returns in studio almost twenty years later to record on voice a track for the album by a famous artist of his city, published in 1997, and then again, recently, at the release of the first CD by a local soul band for wich performs on lead vocals a cover of a masterpiece by the great Marvin Gaye.
Meanwhile he continues to study self-taught the piano, getting closer and closer to the jazz harmonies and atmospheres, attends and stands a Gospel Course with Reverend Lee Brown, and a Singing Jazz Course with Susanna Stivali.
Only in recent years, after previous sporadic attempts, decides to try his hand at writing a song, focusing mainly on music, that, fruit and synthesis of many influences over the years received, maybe can be considered alternative pop-rock, although often with soul and jazzy shades.
In his first release, the single "Stop all the clocks", all vocals and instruments are played by himself. He arranged the track too.