White Noise
For some people white noise is just a theoretical idealisation. For others it’s simply an indistinct droning sound, or the acoustic equivalent of white light. But when a white noise penetrates a physical system, it takes on ‘colour’ and, most importantly, it becomes unpredictable.
This axiom is well understood by White Noise.
Taking their cue from this sonorous magma, theirs has been a long musical journey with numerous detours down analogical avenues and digital driveways. They’ve slaked their thirst at the radioactive spring of the godlike Kraftwerk, catapulted their way into cosmic New Age of Tangerine Dream and soaked up the cinematic atmospheres of the holiest of holies, Sakamoto. All this and then back to earth where, amidst eternal and untiring experimentation, the language of the body is once again taken possession of in the vortex of electronic dance music. Today, their style is akin to techno-prog, with the odd ambient aside, at once physical and ethereal. The sounds range freely from Moog reminiscences to audacious futuristic constructions via Alpha Syntauri: a chromatic palette that welds an exotically sensual rhythm to the muffled impalpability of a nebula.
Unpredictable white noise. The dance of the unconscious is a never-ending transformation and for White Noise, it’s always a new beginning.