The band was formed in May 2002 from an idea by Fabrizio and Christian. The first lineup was so formed: Fabrizio and Federico on guitars, Umberto on vocals, Tore on bass and Christian on drums. During the first year of activity, this one being always constituted by several live shows around the north of Italy, Torment were a cover band dipping into the '80s thrash scene, performing various songs by Slayer, Destruction, Possessed etc... The hystory of the group is quite troublesome: in 2003 the work on songs by their own was started from an idea by Fabrizio, in the same year Tore left the band and was replaced in 2004 by Ea. In 2005 Umberto also left and Ermanno took its place.
In 2007, after many difficulties, the debut cd "Suffocated dreams" was recorded, it was released the year after. In the same year Ea and Federico left the band.
Luca on Guitar and Gigi on bass came in their place. In 2009 this lineup recorded the "Scars remain" ep, it was released a year later, when Luca and Ermanno also left the band.
The current lineup consists of Giovanni on guitar, Gigi on bass, Christian on drums and Fabrizio in addition to playing guitar is also taking care of the vocals.
In recent years the band has shared the stage with important names like Tankard, Onslaught, Exumer, Raw Power,Bulldozer,Violator and Master


Suffocated dreams (2008) (Full- self produced)

Scars remain (2010) (EP - Self produced)

The Damage is done (2012) (EBM Records)