Paolo Antoniazzi
Paolo Antoniazzi is a Dj producer.
His stage name is Paolo Antoniazzi, also known as RaveP.
He realized his passion for music at the age of ten and in 1985 he began his Dj career with great enthusiasm.
He worked as a Dj for several famous national discothèques ( Macrillo, Aida, Boom, Dylan and other clubs ).
He also worked as a speaker and as a Dj for many local radio stations.
In 1995 Mr. G. Cunico and Mr. M. Carlana, partners in Edinet-Music srl,
encouraged him to make music and thanks to them he could print his first vinyl record-LABEL SUBWAY MPG
( Italian Progressive Group )-manager by Mr. Claudio Diva.
MPG produced five recordes with positive sales results, so it was the five records entered Suburbia Chart, managed by Cristian hornbostel.
Then the same records were selected at Mastermix of Italia Network, Director Mr. Michel Hammer.
Later Paolo Antoniazzi co-operated with Dylan Fiorucci, his great master producer, in printing several vinyl records-LABEL METROTRAXX RECORDS.
Afterwards because of the evolution of digital audio technology,
he has begun to produce some mini Ep and some single tracks in a digital format, replacing vinyl records.
Now he is going on making music for RaveStudio.
His creative music includes Tech House and Progressive House.
His main purpose is to see just one production in an Official Chart.
But Antoniazzi Paolo's real dream is to create his own discographic label and maybe even to produce vinyl records again.