Mimmo Parisi

Mimmo Parisi was born in Bologna, Italy, on December 05, 1982. The youngest child in a household that included his mother John, sister Ann, and brother Peter, Mimmo originally had no interest in music. However, on September 18, 1996, Mimmo saw a TV special on the Paganini. Seven-year-old Mimmo watched with awe as Paganini blasted the audience with torrents of violin notes. Applying his intense curiosity and tenacity to first an old Mosrite and then a cheap Stratocaster, Mimmo immersed himself in the music of such bands as Deep Purple and spent long hours practicing to learn their songs. His admiration for Ritchie Blackmore's classically influenced playing led him back to the source: Bach, Vivaldi, Beethoven, and Mozart. As Mimmo absorbed the classical structures of the masters, his prodigious style began to take shape. By age 10, he began to focus all his energies into music. His mother and sister, a talented flautist, recognized his unique musical gifts and gave him support and encouragement. His mastery of the instrument progressed rapidly. This, whith his vocal talent and songwriter capacity, bringed Mimmo to the rock music.

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