Fabrizio Grecchi
Selected at John Lennon songwriter contest in N.Y and prize for best composition at Baden (Ch) Music Festival. Fabrizio was a keyboards player in Esperando (tribute to Carlos Santana) and Roveroni Band,
with this one he does the PFM tour supporter band. Fabrizio also played in a Beatles Tribute engaged for the Heineken Show in Suisse and on air live on Lifegate Radio for the George Harrison Tribute Night. Fabrizio had collaborations with important arranger and producer: Vince Tempera, Paul Hensley, Franco Godi, A. Lo Vecchio, P.Pirazzoli, G.de Stefani and Max.it. Fabrizio Grecchi is an apprecciate teacher of music and enjoy a new method for starting childrens at Jazz Standards Simple Play and compositions. From 2003 Fabrizio is playing concerts for “Piano Solo” with totally impro music. He made his show in Parma at Conservatory A.Boito, St.Lorenzo’s Square Milan, Mondadori Auditorium, S.Fedele Square in Como at White Light Night, Sforzesco Castel in Milan at Stars Music Nigth, and more. Fabrizio was selected for his impro capacity for the live soundtracks of “The Kid” (Chaplin) and “Nosferatu” (W.Murnau) at Como Cinema Festival. He work around soundtracks about “ Going to the Moon” (extract from Garcia Lorca) and “Eclissi” rappresented in Rome in 2007. From 1997 is Official Musician for Yamaha Keyboards (It).Fabrizio is concepting a new live performance bouncing the acustic piano sound with synthesizer and electronic loops. Recently Fabrizio performed The PIANO SOLO Festival of European Music in Rome. Most recently Fabrizio Grecchi plays with Andrea Bocelli in some important Tv show.
Fabrizio Grecchi presents a completly improvised repertoire of contemporary music. His experience as a composer of sountracks for theatre and short films merges with Jazz-Rock influences, creating a contaminated style characterized by istantaneous compositions and creative rhythm.